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IANTD Discover Twin Tank Diving

Bored with just diving on a single tank within no stop recreational limits? Is there a wreck or reef you want to dive that’s deeper than 40m? Perhaps you want to stay longer on the wrecks you already dive? Or perhaps you’re just interested in finding out what it’s like diving with more than one tank and what all this ‘Techie” diving is?

Well Discover Twin Tank Diving is the perfect introduction!

Discover Twin Tank Diving is just that. We spend a morning looking at the configuration of a twin tank SCUBA system, look at some of the safety features compared with a single tank system and setting up the equipment to fit you. Then away we go.

Fitted with a twin set, or a twin set with one stage decompression bottle we’ll head for a dive site and take a dive. The dive will be within recreational dive limits without decompression stops and on your first we’ll dive quite shallow to allow you to get the feel for what diving with a twin tank configuration is like. In the shallow water we’ll practice a few safety skills and then head for deeper water within recreational limits.

It’s as simple as that! When you’re hooked, usually after just one dive, we can discuss the options of taking your twin tank dive career to the next level.

So what are you waiting for!