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IANTD Advanced Recreational Trimix

The IANTD Advanced Recreational Trimix Course is designed to extend the divers knowledge in Trimix Sports Diving. It further develops the skills and knowledge of the Advanced Nitrox and Recreational Trimix diver (although for the suitably experienced this can be the entry level course). The course trains the diver to dive to a maximum depth of 48m using a twin tank SCUBA system using one stage decompression tank with a maximum of 15minutes of stage decompression. The course cover topics like

  • Equipment requirements
  • Dive planning and gas management
  • Oxygen tracking
  • Blending methods
  • Effects of Helium on decompression schedules

Equivalent Narcotic Depths are kept below 24m / 80 feet and the course comprises theory combined with an exam as outlined above, a confined water session for skill development and four open water divers, two of which have simulated decompression and two real decompression.

This is an exciting and challenging course that opens up some exciting diving in the area, with extended bottom times on the deeper regular sites or allowing safe access to the sites that are deeper than the recommended recreational dive limits.