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Discover Twin Tank Diving!

June 24, 2014

discover twin tank diving puerto-galera scandi divers resort

Anyone can discover Twin tank diving with Scandi Divers Resort!

Diving using twin tanks is not just about deep / technical diving. For those diving within recreational limits, the benefits are huge. For example:

  • Added safety
  • Redundancy within the equipment configuration
  • Self reliance with equipment failures
  • Gas benefits
  • Improved positioning in the water

And you don’t have to be a big buff guy to manage a twin tank configuration either! Our two lovely chinese guests Claire and Enya recently did the Discover Twin Tank Diving course at Scandi Divers Resort and had no problems using the new gear configuration.

twin tank diving puerto galera

After being shown the basics of the twin tank equipment, the girls did a session in the pool getting used the feel and the balance of diving with a backplate and wing, instead of a regular BCD. The girls performed very well, and after the pool session, went for a short open water dive with the new gear! Well done ladies :)

puerto galera diving twin tanks

scandi divers resort puerto galera


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