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Anyone can discover Twin tank diving with Scandi Divers Resort!

Diving using twin tanks is not just about deep / technical diving. For those diving within recreational limits, the benefits are huge. For example:

  • Added safety
  • Redundancy within the equipment configuration
  • Self reliance with equipment failures
  • Gas benefits
  • Improved positioning in the water

And you don’t have to be a big buff guy to manage a twin tank configuration either! Our two lovely chinese guests Claire and Enya recently did the Discover Twin Tank Diving course at Scandi Divers Resort and had no problems using the new gear configuration.

twin tank diving puerto galera

After being shown the basics of the twin tank equipment, the girls did a session in the pool getting used the feel and the balance of diving with a backplate and wing, instead of a regular BCD. The girls performed very well, and after the pool session, went for a short open water dive with the new gear! Well done ladies :)

puerto galera diving twin tanks

scandi divers resort puerto galera

It was a fantastic 6 days diving with the gang from the Dubai, Hardi, Sarah, Ali, Blair and Semeer. After a gruelling trip from Dubai via Hong Kong there was no rest as we ‘dived’ straight into the academics before supper on the first night.

On a school trip from Dubai, 53 students as well as 5 teachers made the journey with 41 choosing to learn or extend their diving abilities with 12 choosing to learn to sail. My gang of 4 students (pictured above) and their teacher Hardi undertook the PADI Open Water Course which lasted three days.

All worked very hard with day one consisting of pool 1 and dive 1, day two, pool sessions 2,3,4,5 followed by a 70 minute dive 2 where we finished most of the dive flexible skills, skills that can be performed on any of the mandatory 4 dives. This led to a ‘relaxing’ day three where we finished the course with two dives, one at Sabang Bay and the other at Sinandigan Wall.

All worked extremely hard and over come any problems they encountered with grit and determination. The next three days were followed with five fun dives to gain the benefit of all that hard work at Coral Gardens, Giant Clams, Monkey Beach as well as Kilima Steps. Fun was had by all and hopefully many more dive experiences to come once back in the UAE.

To finish the holiday, presentations of dive certifications were performed and a fun evening of dance, partying, fire dancing amongst other events were enjoyed on the Pontoon! A BIG CONGRATULATIONS to all :)



Coron Trip 2012

February 20, 2012 · 2 comments

It was a sunny morning when Diving Puerto Galera set off on the first dive trip of the year. A ferry, coach, taxi, plane, followed by an air conditioned van had Kat, James, Jenny and myself in Coron by mid afternoon one Tuesday late in January. Kat and James were  celebrating there recent marraige with a few days away on Honeymoon, hence to celebrate a quick stop at the McDonalds in Manila was included in the travel plans!! :-) A few days diving the superb wrecks followed with some awesome penetration dives on the Irako and Olympia as well as the Akitushima, a primitive aircraft carrier, and the Taiei Maru. A friendly dive team made the whole dive experience fantastic. A few days followed relaxing with a lovely few hours spent at the hot springs, see picture; at 39C very jacuzzi like. The Helldivers bar is a great place to relax and sink a few cold ones after a days diving whereas the food is always fantastic at the French Bistro. A hungover journey home followed all too soon after a rather late last night on the shisha and beer. All in all a very successful trip! Don’t hesitate to contact us over future trips to Coron (or anywhere in the Philippines).


It was 10am when Andy and Myself met at the Full Moon Restaurant for breakfast which involved a burger for Andy:) Then it was down to Blue Ribbon to pick up my dive kit that had been sorted the day before and the gruelling 500m walk into town with three full sets of dive equipment including tanks and weights.. We were finding out that exploring new dive sites is logistically not easy and physically hard work!

However a surprise awaited as while in the process of hiring tricycles a jeepney driver (see the thumbnail) gave us a great price for the journey to the dive site to be explored making the journey considerably easier than anticipated.. Forty minutes later we arrived in Dulagan and we turned the local beach bar into a dive centre complete with shower and wash tank!! (And cold beers for after). As we kitted up, the crowds grew and by the time we were ready to enter the water ten sets of kit would not have been enough for all those wanting to dive. Even the local hotel was very interested in our explorations as they usual send their divers down into Puerto Galera to dive.

Entering the water the excitement grew and after snorkelling on the surface looking for signs of anything but sand we descended onto the rocks to find a rich reef in the five to ten metre range. Deeper, interesting features were scattered where we saw a stunning baby flamboyant cuttlefish, mantis shrimps as well as much macro marine life. Air running low we headed back to the reef to find a beautiful lionfish among the clown fish and more common reef fish.

On exiting it was shower time, kit washing followed by a few well earned beers :) The discussion hinged around what we had seen, wondering if anyone had dived there before and where in the bay to dive next. We estimated we’d explored only a tiny fraction of the bay and hence the kit was stored for future exciting dives. A big thanks to Andy for helping me transport the equipment and tanks and to James and Andy for being my dive buddies. Until the next time… Watch this space!


The Wrecks Of Subic Bay

September 8, 2011 · 0 comments

It was a fantastic dive adventure with Kathy and Ferg in Subic Bay with Vascos Dive shop. An epic journey involving ferries, buses, taxis and tri-cycles taking over eight hours was well worth it. Three days of diving various war ships including the landing ship across and the New York, one of the first fully steel armoured warships that caused havoc in the late 1800′s and early 1900′s. Six dives in total with some awesome penetration dives into the engine room of the New York and the living quarters of the LST. The trip past too fast and we had to leave but we’ll be back very soon. A big thanks to all the crew at Vascos Dive Centre for making us so welcome and for the amazing dive experiences. :) Check out our video http://youtu.be/6pNpkrT-z6A