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Welcome to Diving Puerto Galera

We are a small friendly team of dive guides and dive instructors aiming to bring all types of SCUBA diving to the enthusiastic diver. We aim for the highest standards and to keep your hobby interesting by offering some varied alternatives from the standard dive centre.

We specialise in twin and single tank diving with the goal to have lots of fun enhancing your dive skills geared at seeing the great dive sights of the region.

Escape to a different world and explore new places. Scuba diving takes you to places you can only imagine. Change your life and explore the 70% of the world underwater. Experience pristine reefs, dive with turtles, explore historic wrecks or simply enjoy the sensation of being weightless. No you don’t need to go into space!!

Twin tank diving is safer than single tank diving, easy and fun. You don’t need to have accomplished 100s of dives and you don’t need to be male with an attitude! Indeed your first ever dive can be with twin tanks, Twin tank diving is not all about deep or decompression diving, indeed it’s about so much more.

Our mission is to break the stereotype that twin tank diving is for the elite male deep diver. We offer the discover twin tank diving programme as well as all the standard PADI (Professional Association of Dive Instructors) and IANTD (International Association of Nitrox and Technical Divers) courses. Of course if twin tank diving isn’t for you, then we do offer the courses using the standard single tank set up. But why not give it a try? Of course we also offer guided fun dives using singles or twin tanks at over 40 dive sites in the crystal clear waters of Puerto Galera. The marine life is diverse and interesting and we offer world class diving at all depths and for all levels of ability.

We guarantee you’ll be hooked for life. So what are you waiting for?